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Healthy Networks for Smart Buildings

Healthy Networks for Smart Buildings

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Should you invest in BACnet?

We’re at a turning point in the industry, with the Internet of Things completely altering our buildings. As our spaces become smarter, more data-driven and connected, we need to build on robust, scalable foundations.

Is BACnet the answer?

We’ve talked with everyone, from the experts who created BACnet to the techs who use it day in and day out. 

Find out if you should invest your time, money, and energy in BACnet.

BACnet is far and away a stronger option than MODBUS or LON. There’s simply no contest.

BACnet’s dominating in HVAC, and growing across lighting, security, access control, and more.

Because it’s open, BACnet encourages greater innovation and competition between businesses.

There’s a larger talent pool of people who know BACnet well enough to be effective at their jobs, so you can hire the very best.

You can easily add technology that will help you save energy — energy valves, meters, and analytics devices — and manage it on the same platforms that you manage everything else.

You can run most or all of the network on a single protocol, manage everything with your preferred software programs, and create a single pane of glass solution. That means smaller teams, less money and time, and fewer headaches.

- Why use BACnet? 

- Is BACnet open, or proprietary?

- When and why was BACnet created? 

- What ways BACnet can be used?

- Who uses BACnet? 

- How big is BACnet's marketshare? 

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