Is your network ready for 
Back to School?

Back to School might mean binders, textbooks, and a fresh pack of highlighters for most people. 

For you, it means preparing thousands of devices over millions of square feet for a new season. More people on campus bring more demands on the system. Any lingering problems on your network will only get worse…

You need Visual BACnet Site Monitoring.

Visual BACnet Site Monitoring cuts the time, effort, and energy needed to understand your network. You can track trends, set alarms, and optimize your system. 

Right now, get Visual BACnet Site Monitoring free for one month on your university campus!

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1. Trend

Visual BACnet Site Monitoring allows you to track trends in your network health over time. You can identify when changes happen in your network, and expose recurring issues that may not otherwise be apparent.

2. Alarm

Visual BACnet Site Monitoring sends you alarms when your network health decreases unexpectedly. No need to log in and monitor your system every day. Simply sit back and trust that it’s running well unless you get an email alert.

3. Optimize

When you do receive that alert, Visual BACnet is ready to help you solve the problem. Drill down to discover what’s changed, pinpoint the devices that need reconfiguring, and get the network healthy again in no time.

With Site Monitoring and our suite of Capture Tools for MS/TP and IP, you don’t have to step foot on site to know your network’s condition.

When Tom Walker looked at Penn State University’s Navy Yard network, he saw huge issues. The system was busy and loud, to the point where the overrun network was bringing down the entire building. Because this was happening on the MS/TP network, pinpointing the problem would mean boots on the ground to segment and test the chain, piece by piece.

Using Optigo Networks’ simple BACnet Capture Tool and the powerful Visual BACnet application, the team quickly spotted the offender and stopped the incessant traffic in a single day.

Read the case study.

Penn State improved their MS/TP network overnight with Visual BACnet

Visual BACnet Capture Tool lowers university’s network traffic in a single day

Healthy networks for smart buildings

Visual BACnet Site Monitoring: 31-day free trial

If you manage a university or school district, sign up to try Visual BACnet Site Monitoring for free, from October 1st to 31st. You can monitor your campus, diagnose problems, and troubleshoot at zero cost. Fill in the form below, and we will contact you to answer questions and get you set up!

Healthy networks for smart buildings


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If you have:

  • Vendors pointing fingers
  • A small BAS team
  • Slow or missing data
  • Frustration with your site
  • Controllers or devices going offline
  • Too much traffic
  • Traffic taking down buildings
  • Slow graphics
  • Missing alarms
  • Improperly configured data exchange
  • Or trend logs not being serviced
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