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Optigo Networks' new 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch boasts 10G of bandwidth, for networks designed to grow. 


8 ports. 10G of bandwidth.
BIG power.

Healthy Networks for Smart Buildings

Optigo Networks is bringing big power to its smart building network platform, Optigo Connect. The brand new 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch hosts 10G of bandwidth, allowing users to expand their building systems seamlessly. The switch’s extreme flexibility and massive capacity allow users to manage thousands of devices from a single switch. 

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One Seattle-based stadium’s surveillance system was experiencing performance issues during peak traffic. This stadium had extremely limited fiber when Absco Solutions, a facility vulnerability company, approached Optigo Networks for a retrofit project. 

Before approaching Optigo Networks, the stadium’s video surveillance system was connected to the IT network. When the stadium was packed with people using the Wi-Fi at games, the access control, phone lines, and the like would produce a high volume of communication on the IT network.  

Optigo's 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch in action:

Seattle stadium winning with robust network solution for HD surveillance

This volume exhausted the bandwidth capacity and caused glitches in the surveillance system, with portions of the video having a rainbow effect due to packet loss. The stadium had two options with this converged infrastructure: either reduce the quality of their video streams, meaning they would not get the full value of the high-quality cameras; or add more high-quality cameras to an already poor system, making the network worse. 


Optigo Connect was used to design a parallel network, offering a robust, scalable, and cost-effective solution, restoring crystal clear video quality. To resolve the video performance issues and expand capacity to scale, the access control and video surveillance both went onto an isolated, single-mode fiber network. With Optigo’s unique fiber technology, the amount of fiber required was 65% lower. Optigo’s design integrated seamlessly with the stadium’s infrastructure, preserving their old switches and adding new Optigo switches. Optigo Networks’ design improved the surveillance system to crystal clear perfection, made it dependable, and allowed the security system to scale with the addition of more than 40 16MP cameras.

The Smart Aggregation Switch couples with the Optigo OneView Network Controller, providing centralized management and unique visibility. The user-friendly interface allows users to monitor and manage the entire network from one place. This lets facility managers own their networks — no reliance on IT required. 


Download the datasheet now!

Download the datasheet now!

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