IT Networking, for OT professionals

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Network Access

March 28, 2019


In this session, we'll cover: 

1. Ethernet
2. Wi-Fi
3. Hotspots and Clients
4. VLANs

Our new webinar series with Distech Controls is a deep-dive into IT networking.

We're diving deep into the topic of networking. Join us on our five-part series where we'll explore this massive subject. We'll work through the network layers: Network Access, Internet, Transport and Application, and finish by Designing a Network with Distech Controls' ECLYPSE and Optigo Connect.

Register for all of the sessions, or pick and choose the ones that interest you most. We'll record every webinar, so you can revisit them, catch what you missed, and share with your colleagues. 

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April 25, 2019


In this session, we'll cover: 

2. Static IP
3. Subnet
4. Gateway, Firewalls, and VPNs
5. DNS

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Transport & Application

May 23, 2019


In this session, we'll cover: 

1. TCP and UDP

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Designing a Network

June 27, 2019


In this session, we'll design a network, program an ECLYPSE controller, and configure an Optigo switch live on air. 

Watch Part #1: Introduction to Networking