What is the Future of BACnet?

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There's no two ways about it: BACnet is the future of our smart buildings. 

The protocol's widely implemented. It's user-friendly. There are committees dedicated to pushing BACnet forward and keeping it updated. 

The reasons to adopt BACnet on large building networks are seemingly endless (which is why we wrote an in-depth paper on it — read it here!).

There’s simply no other building network protocol that’s as robust, flexible, and scalable. 

But we have a lot of big questions about the future of BACnet, on issues like IoT, cybersecurity, and data generation. So we went searching, and we wrote a whitepaper about it. Now, we're sharing that information with you. 

There are challenges that can’t be ignored. In fact, many issues — like security, data generation, and maintenance and management — will be intensified with the growth of the Internet of Things. For example:

  • When devices are IP-enabled without implementing security best practices, the network is made vulnerable.
  • When data collection isn’t done correctly, it can wreak havoc on large networks. 
  • When networks are overrun with broadcasts and duplicate device IDs, it can bring down entire buildings.

How will BACnet’s relationship with the Internet of Things change in the years to come? What is the protocol’s roadmap? We researched, chatted with the leaders in BAS, and did some sleuthing. Now, we’re diving into the future of BACnet.

  • Why use BACnet? 
  • Is BACnet secure?
  • Is BACnet open, or proprietary? 
  • When and why was BACnet created? 
  • What ways BACnet can be used?
  • Who uses BACnet? 
  • How big is BACnet's marketshare? 
  • What are the biggest challenges in BACnet?t

Have you ever wondered:


Featuring interviews with:

Andy McMillan

BACnet International

Ken Sinclair

Automated Buildings

Mike Newman

Father of BACnet

Adam Rinderle


Carl Neilson

BACnet Committee

David Fisher

PolarSoft Inc.

Find out:

  • Why tagging and Project Haystack will change the way we manage our buildings.
  • How BACnet's becoming more secure, with BACnet Secure Connect.
  • The dominant estimations of BACnet's marketshare, in North America and worldwide.
  • The biggest concerns in data ownership, data privacy, and the cloud. 
  • Theories of how IoT will disrupt our brick and mortar buildings.
  • And BACnet's place with ASHRAE, as the protocol moves more and more into BIoT.

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